Little Kings Kitty Cat

Sire: Buckeroos Top Cat
​Dam: Little Kings BT Silver Belle

Foaled: 05/07/2005

Silver bay dun sabino, LWO negative

​(EE, Aa, D/nd2, nZ, nSb1)

Hairicane Loud and Proud

Sire: Hairicane Cisco Kid ​

Dam: Miniature Marvels Skittles

Foaled: 05/07/2007

"Lola" was another addition in 2015. She is LWO+, homozygous splash and has a history of producing loud colorful foals (dam to RVS Ima Hawk Too on the stallion page). She has foaled 3 wonderful colts while here and I'm hoping she will finally give up a filly in 2021! 

RVS Smoke and Embers

Sire: Storybrookes Smokey Eye Bandit
​Dam: Hairicane Loud and Proud

Foaled: 06/12/2021

​Homozygous Splash

Double D Sheza Remarkable Mime

Sire: Doubld D Texas Two Steppin Mime
​Dam: Yarrowees China Doll

Foaled: 05/21/2011

(Ee, aa, nZ, n/SW1)

Coolest Misty Hawk

Sire: RFM Hawks Remember When
​Dam: Honeysuckle Knoll Sundance Goldmist

AMHA/AMHR LWO/Splash Perlino Mare 
Foaled: 05/01/2013

I drooled over Misty for 6 months before finally finding transport to get her from Pennsylvania to Oregon. She is a wonderful addition and I'm delighted to own her! Many thanks to Carla at Coolest Miniatures for breeding and selling me this awesome girl.  ​Misty is a gorgeous Perlino splash and frame overo AMHA/AMHR mare.  Her sire is AMHA World Top Ten, RFM Hawks Remember When. His sire: "Hawk" - 4GS Little Kings Alfalfa Pleasure - World Champion Sire. His dam: Lucky Four Buck Deluxe Beverlyann, who is sired by World Champion, Lucky Four Skippa Buck Deluxe and out of World Champion Lucky Four Rebels Honey Gold. Misty's dam is s gorgeous palomino mare, Honeysuckle Knoll Sundance Goldmist

Wildberry Anniversary

Sire: Tamaracs Blues Golden Banner
​Dam: 6 Packs Limited Edition


Foaled: 11/11/2011

We are very excited to be adding this bay dun roan to the herd in the Spring of 2022.  "Annie" is a proven producer and dam to Wildberry Junie pictured above.  

Firemans Lil Flicka

Sire: Toyland Little Fireman
​Dam: Scenic Views Princess D


Foaled: 05/09/2007

(ee, aa, nZ, SW1/SW1, roan pending)

Sire: Olive Branch Barons Heir Apparent
​Dam: Double D Arabian Kiss SOS

Foaled: 04/21/2022

RVS Sweet Dreams

Sire: RVS Hawks Streaking Gunner
​Dam: Kings Magic Classical Note

Foaled: 05/02/2021

​Homozygous Splash

Sire:Olive Branch Barons Heir Apparent
​Dam: Coolest Misty Hawk

Foaled: 04/18/2022

Double D Arabian Kiss SOS

Sire: Amish Country Hunter
​Dam: Jandts Arabian Kiss


Foaled: 04/25/2012

RVS Speedy's Navaho Nakita

Sire: Spirit Thunder's Speedy Boom

​Dam: Silver Navajo Calice Nikki

33.50 (measured at AMHA show ffor hardship) AMHA/AMHR splash overo mare
Foaled: 03/11/2008

(Ee, Aa, LWO negative)


"Nakita" is a beautiful splash mare who consistently produces super correct foals.  In 2019 we hardshipped her into AMHA...this girl deserves it!  Nakita is LWO negative and can be safely bred to any stallion.   

Wildberry Junie

Sire: Rivendells Knights Painted Moon
​Dam: Wildberry Anniversary

Foaled: 2016

Hidden Pass Kiwi

Sire: KDS Short Stuff Hawks Mr Nkredible ​

Dam: Tawny Ridge Prides Tiarmisu

AMHA/AMHR LWO/Sabino Overo Mare
Foaled: 05/15/2010

(Ee, LWO, nSb1)

Talk about eye candy! Kiwi is a striking LWO/sabino mare and a granddaughter of Reeces N Kredible Hawk.  I just love looking out and seeing her in the pasture.