2020 colt 



​Foaled: 5/13/2020

*Terms Of Sale*

 *Prices may be changed and horses may be removed from sales at any time without notice

*Discounts may be offered for Multiple Horse Purchases-CASH OFFERS-Show Homes-& International Buyers
*Sales will not go in order of persons interested. Horse will sell to the first person to send payment
*Payment plans MAY be available but are not guaranteed for all sales
*A $500 deposit is required on payment purchases 
*All deposits/monies are non- refundable 
* Farm visits and pre-purchase exams by vets are welcome at buyers expense
*A Sales Contract will be provided with specific terms of sale listed and both buyer and seller will retain a signed copy.
*All registration papers and transfers of ownership will be held until horse is paid for in full
*Coggins & Health Certificates will be provided for individual horses priced OVER $1500 at sellers expense and Horses sold for $1000 or less the coggins & health certificates will be provided at Buyers expense.
*Shipping is to be provided at buyers expense. 
* Horses needing to stay at the farm 30 days after the sale will be charged a monthly boarding fee of $5 per day with the exception of foals who are not weaned.
*Pay Pal & Square is accepted and preferred and buyer is responsible for the paypal fee depending on how they chose to pay

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