Flyin GS Intoxicating (barn name Trouble) 

Sire: Establo Martini On the Rocks

Dam: CLC Baile Del Sol


​In October 2020 we welcomed our first triple registered miniature to the farm...Welcome Trouble!  ​

Flyin GS Intoxicating "Trouble" he is a direct son of MULTI-National Champion the one and only Establo Martini On The Rocks. His dam is the stunningly beautiful CLC Baile Del Sol who is a half sister & aunt to MANY National Champions.

He will be standing at stud to a very limited number of mares, please inquire if interested. He is a whopping 32" tall of refinement with that sought after dainty Arabian style head.

RVS Hawks Streaking Gunner 

Sire: Reeces Outlaw Hawk

Dam: Hidden Timbers Magnificent Streak

AMHA/AMHR   LWO negative, homozygous splash stallion (Ee, aa)
Foaled: 05/28/2018

Pending (barn name Ruler)

Sire: Reeces Outlaw Hawk

Dam: Little Kings Kitty Cat

2019 Silver Grullo sabino splash colt (Ee, aa, negative for cream, D/nd2, nZ, LWO negative, nSb1, nSW1)
Foaled: 07/02/2019

Ruler was the farm boss as soon as he was born, friendly and confident from day one.  His future is bright! 

Buccarra N Blue Ebony Hawk On Ice (barn name Jax) 

Sire: Little Kings Buckeroo Buccarra

Dam: Reeces Blue Ebony Hawk

34" AMHA/AMHR   LWO negative, heterozygous sabino, heterozygous splash stallion
Foaled: 05/22/2014

​After purchasing several LWO mares in the Spring of 2015 I was on the search for the perfect LWO negative stallion to compliment them. Finally fate lead me to this wonderful boy. And so "Jax" joined the farm as a yearling in the Spring of 2015. He was bred by Julia Nestlerode in Pennsylvania. His beautiful sabino and splash pattern accompanied with an impressive pedigree make him the perfect match for our frame mares.  He was lab tested by Animal Genetics and is negative for the frame gene (LWO), negative for cream and silver, heterozygous sabino, heterozygous splash, homozygous black.  I could not ask for a better combination of conformation, pedigree, personality, and color!​

On July 3, 2016 Jax was attacked by a neighbors dog.  It was a long road to recovery which included surgery at Oregon State University Veterinary Hospital.  He will always have scarring on his face, but he proved what an amazing horse he is, being so stoic and patient through countless hours of doctoring every day.  Definitely the temperament I want in a horse. Check out the Riverside Miniatures Facebook page to see the recovery story from the attack.